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Regular Inspection Programs Ensuring Security Platform Success

Common Reasons for System Failure:

  • Power supplies to edge devices such as cameras, card readers, locking hardware, etc.
  • Dormant points of protection.
  • System expansions due to aquisitions, mergers, consolidations, etc.

Benefits of an Inspection Program:

  • Minimizes business disruption.
  • Minimizes system downtime.
  • Minimizes risk and liability.
  • Minimizes unexpected costs.
  • Improves operational efficiencies.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of any security platform, there is a need to follow protocols for proper, recommended maintenance, testing, and inspection for all equipment. Typically, the purchase of security products will include standard 90-day parts and labor warranty for upkeep, but it is important to enlist the assistance of your security provider to be able to readily continue maintenance protocol beyond this coverage. Too often, users will make the mistake of only contracting for testing and inspection services when required by code or local authorities having jurisdiction, as is the case for life safety platforms. For any security system to achieve longevity expectations and maintain functionality, a more consistent maintenance and inspection program should be established.

By establishing a regular testing, inspection, and maintenance program—and by enlisting the expertise of a trusted, single-source security provider—business owners and facility managers can openly demonstrate an active commitment to truly monitoring the health of the complete security platform—minimizing unexpected costs, downtime, and ultimately risk.

Source: Stanley Security